Why An Appraisal

Business executives and professionals require accurate and timely information regarding the valuation of property and equipment. We work closely with all our clients to insure that the appraisal products we propose complement the desired purpose.

Our research always includes the latest information from a wide variety of sources including trade associations, publications and private companies including used equipment dealers and industry experts and government agencies. Our research into the valuation of your equipment assets will reflect the current economic situation and trends to ensure the viability of any decision you are required to make.

Equipment and Property Appraisals serve a variety of business requirements including:

  • Financing / Collateral
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Divestitures
  • Donations /Charitable
  • Contributions
  • Insurance
  • Partnership buyouts
  • Tax / Estate Planning
  • Lease Purchase Options
  • Bankruptcy
  • Eminent Domain Divorce/Property Settlement
  • Probate

There are several factors taken into consideration when appraising equipmentand or property including; manufacturer, model, year of manufacturer, overall condition, attachments and accessories, market demand, obsolescence and other economic conditions.  We research and factor these considerations into each appraisal we perform.

Expert Testimony
All appraisals carry the potential for testimony at litigation.  During the appraisal process, we maintain a process that allows us to provide expert testimony on the client’s behalf should it ever become necessary.  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice requires that appraisal reports and support materials be maintained for a period of not less than five years and an additional two years from the conclusion of any litigation.  We always comply with those requirements.

Other Services
In addition to providing professional appraisals for our clients, we also provide valuation research and consultation for several lease companies, law firms and accounting practices.  We can provide research and industry studies for past, present and even future values for most high tech equipment.   These services can include projections of useful life as well as estimates of future fair market and liquidation values and even residual values for financial institutions in order for them to properly estimate risk exposure.




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