Appraisal Definitions

Definition’s of Service

Cawthra Construction & Consulting, Inc.., offers a wide range of appraisal services:

Standard Personal Property Appraisals: These appraisals are specifically designed for each purpose of appraisal, including: Buy/Sell agreements, Financing, Divorce and Estate Tax purposes; all include full inspection with photographs. And of course, court testimony is always available for each case.

Condemnation Appraisals: Appraisals for condemnation proceedings for both Private Property owners and the Condemning Authorities; Including all equipment, fixtures and site improvements within the facility/property. These reports are specialized for the individual needs of each case and work hand-in-hand with the Business Damage expert and building contractor. We offer extensive experience trial testimony in this field.

Relocation Estimates: These relocation reports typically work with the above mentioned Condemnation reports for complete relocation of a business concern. It includes all due diligent for suitable site relocation, replacement of building services and fixtures, moving prep with all moving costs to complete the relocation.

Cost Segregation Reports: Reports for component depreciation of
Apartment/Rental complexes for advantageous tax deductions of all depreciated personal property, appliances and fixtures within the facility. These reports assist investment groups and owners in taking tax deductions for each fiscal year. Fast report turnaround available with streamline costs.

Personal Property Tax: In some jurisdictions business equipment is assessed at its market value.  Occasionally these assessments do not properly reflect current market value.  Usually this is because the taxing authority either is not familiar with or has not physically inspected the equipment.  We can determine the market value in accordance with local or state regulations and represent our findings within whatever appeal process is required.

Insurance Premium: Insurance companies will on occasion, request an appraisal, especially of high tech assets, prior to issuing a policy covering the assets in the event of loss or damage. We can provide full appraisal reports in compliance with the stipulations of the policy under consideration.

Insurance Loss: Insurance appraisals are important when natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados or other sources of damage cause a loss of equipment, supplies or facilities. Insurance replacement costs can be just and fair or not. Our appraisal of the appropriate replacement cost, as defined within the specific policy, insures that our clients receive the full and appropriate value in order to replace those lost items.

Charitable Donations: Occasionally businesses and other related organizations donate equipment, new or used. Donors are eligible to receive tax relief for the donation to any non-profit corporation. We provide appraisals that document the value of the donation at the time of bequest.

Desktop Opinions: A hypothetical determination of value based solely upon information provided by the client and conducted without benefit of a physical inspection.



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